To this day, Jimmie  remembers his dad, waking the kids on Sunday mornings with praise and worship to God. And, it is this same call to awaken the Church today to praise and Worship that leads Jimmie Black in Ministry.


At age 10, Jimmie began singing for his church in Miami. In 1995, after some personal struggles, Jimmie began singing for his Lord Jesus Christ. Married with four children, Jimmie and his wife Gwen are raising their daughter Amanda, and their three sons, Jordan, Christopher, and Gabriel in Florrisant, MO.


Jimmie's tenor voice and dynamic range is featured with the Holy of Holies Ministries and with Nick Christian Coetzee of Rain Music. On other albums, Jimmie has provided professional backup for songwriter/producer Lenny LeBlanc and for Christian recording artists Kelly Willard, Paul Wilbur, Michael Hohman, LaMar Boschman (The Rebirth Of Music), and well-known tenor, Charles Billingsly.


Across the USA, Jimmie has ministered to many messianic congregations including those under the leadership of Rabbi Michael Wolf, Rabbi Steve Wilder, Rabbi Jeff Adler, Rabbi Eric Tokajer, and Rabbi Charles Kluge, Adonai has shown his spirit in the worship experiences at our many events. Jimmie has also ministered to Christian churches such as Pastor Steven Strader’s Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida; Pastor Phil Derstine’s Christian Retreat in Braedenton, Florida,Beit B'resheet St.Louis, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Pastor Walter Harvey’s Parkland Assembly of God in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.




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Jimmie Black is a very powerfully anointed worship leader and composer.   He has a unique gift to lead others into the deep presence of God.  It is always a great joy and treat to have him at the Jerusalem Center.

- Jonathan Cahn


Jimmie Black is one of the few music ministers who can pull off playing for an audience of ONE (YHVH) while literally playing before hundreds or thousands of people.  His personal devotion to GOD through his music brings the listener into a participation with heaven.  When we looked for a musician to carry the Holy of Holies anointing at WA, D.C., there was only one:  Jimmie Black.  Thank you Jimmie for your humility.

- Glory! International, Inc. & The Glory! Ride


Jimmie Blacks ministry in song and God's Word continues to bless our congregation. Our relationship spans many years and his heart of worship continues to focus our attention on the Lord Jesus Christ each time he comes to us. He leads into the deeper waters of true worship and his musical skill is excellent and anointed. The gentle spirit in this man of God builds bridges and the Messianic flavor that crowns his music brings life to the One New Man of Ephesians 2:13-22. Should you extend an invitation to Jimmie Black to minister in your congregation  you will be exposed to a gentle yet loving and strong influence to bring the Body of Christ together in unity. I highly recommend him to you.

- Senior Pastor David Knapp Full Gospel Christian Center






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